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Hi Folks... Jerry Wills here. I want to tell you something about the classes I offer.

Each class was recorded in HD and contains all the same information as the in-person classes. Of course, it’s better in person… it should be : )  But for you who couldn’t attend, or a LIVE class isn't being offered, this is a perfect alternative! 

The presentation is rich in information and detail. Each class is important as it continues to build toward the goal of helping you master your latent abilities. As you discover, each facet of the psychic experience is rich in detail. During these ongoing studies, Jerry Wills illustrates and explores methods of tapping into psychic phenomena to help develop your inner skills and abilities.

What do these classes offer? They offer you the ability to further develop you latent abilities in a unique hands-on method. I've taken many classes over the years. I found the one thing missing was a hard, tangible experience I could duplicate at home. It seemed to me the concepts were valid but the instruction was lacking when it came to actually doing more than imagining cause and effect. This was disappointing for me, and I know it has been disappointing for others who really wanted to have an experience but did not. I sought out a way to improve this and feel I have with my courses.

Keep in mind, this is not only to enhance your healing abilities! It is a way you can develop any psychic ability you feel you are best suited for. This knowledge offers you a solid look into the psychic realms. Once mastered, you can apply the same principals to any endeavor you choose. Are you interested in spirit communication, psychometry, mediumship, or something not mentioned here? Each class builds on the previous class. The end result is a journey of discovery to finely tune your gifts.

As always, should you have any questions I look forward to helping answer any questions you might have. 

DVD’s are not currently available 
We are only offering  digital rental or purchase 

Class 1: The Focus of Silence  (link to class)
(87 minutes) 

Class 1 Details
The Focus of Silence is a course including the philosophy of Jerry Wills and his practical knowledge. The goal is to bring everyone to the same emotional and intellectual place as a point of beginning these classes.  During this first class, participants are shown methods easily used to connect with,  gather, and sense life-force energy, Once you become comfortable with these feelings and new sensations you next learn how to flood the body with energy from the silence of the infinite cosmos to restore your body. The Class 1 program shows how easily done.

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Class 2: LuxCreatoris (link to class)
(114 minutes) 

Class II Details
Have you wondered what psychic energy looks like? You’ve heard of the aura, seen examples of the energetic field in photographs, and possibly felt the tingling. But have you ever seen it? Jerry explains his method used to witness fields of energy, how they are accessed and how you use them. As you will see, this facet of the psychic experience is rich in detail. During this class, Jerry shows you how to use one method of illuminating the auric field. Jerry explains how to develop the ability to easily see and this energy yourself. 

NOTE: Class two incorporates a device that trains you to see energy fields. These are very easily made and the necessary parts are easily acquired from Here is a short list of materials with links. Please write if you have any questions...

Red Led's:

Power Supply:

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Class 3: Projections > < Reflections (link to class)
(73 minutes)

Class 3 online >Link< 

Class 3 Details
Feeling energy allows you to know it is present. Seeing energy proves to your rational mind it is real. Now, what might you do with this? Your energy can be sent… well, anywhere! Across the room, or a vast distance. The choice is yours. The inherent issue is actually knowing it is happening. Feedback is essential. 

During Class 3 you experiment with various methods of projection, and experience feedback from your efforts. To actually experience a feedback loop is exciting because this experience reveals how other things are possible. What things? Join us for Class 3 to find out…