The Amazon Experience

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Day By Day Itinerary

April 14th 
Day 1: Leave Home... Arrive in Lima!

Today you leave home to arrive in Lima in the evening. Because most flights arrive around 1am, and you exit Customs an hour later, we have decided to remain at the airport. Once you clear Customs you make your way to the airport cafeteria area. Our flight to Iquitos is scheduled for 6:20am.

• We will need to know your flight number and carrier before your departure to Peru.
• Flights are often delayed. You might arrive much later than you expect - even too late to catch your flight to Iquitos. We will have details sent to everyone registered in the event you need to know what to do.
• There are hotels and transportation available if do not wish to wait at the airport. We must be advised of this 2 weeks ahead of your departure for Lima.
• You might decide to travel to Peru a day or more ahead of the departure date for Iquitos - which is a great option! If so, let us know and we can help you with accommodations and sightseeing.

April 15th  
Day 2: Lima  > Iquitos > Amazon Rainforest Lodge

After spending a few hours waiting at the Lima Airport we next catch our morning flight to Iquitos. Upon our arrival to Iquitos, you are met by Kathy & me, and the lodge staff. Once your things have been loaded onto the waiting bus we continue on to the center of Iquitos City for lunch at Ari's Burger, a really fun hang-out for those traveling through. Afterward, we continue on to the port of Bellavista to board our boat and travel about an hour up river to the Amazon Rainforest Lodge.  

NOTE: There is an alternative way to travel from the airport to Ari Burger. Outside the airport, you'll see "Moto's". These are 3 wheeled motor-cars that carry people. A "Moto" is sort of like a motorized rickshaw, and are a typical mode of transportation used by the locals. The usual fare is around 15 Sole's (apx) into the city center and another 15 Sole's (apx) from Ari's Burger to the port. You'll likely see Kathy & I choose this mode over the bus because it's a lot more fun!!!  : )   

Once we arrive at the lodge your luggage is brought up from the boat by the lodge staff. With your help, it is sorted out and rooms are assigned. After a brief relaxing time for fresh jungle fruit drinks and a brief orientation, you are shown to your rooms. Dinner is served every evening at (I think) 7 pm. We as a group will meet, eat, visit, and discuss the upcoming events, or any issue you feel is important. This is also a good time to ask questions of Shaman Mateo. 

April 16th   
Day 3 ~
6: Amazon Rainforest Lodge

Instead of offering a day by day account of what you can expect I have decided to generalize this unique experience. Things work out differently here than we are accustomed to back home. Everything and everyone move more slowly in the Amazon. There is a different rhythm here. I believe this is how we were meant to live, unencumbered by schedules and appointments. This is a more organic way of experiencing life. Whether you are a "Type A" personality or not, it can be annoying at times. Still, I can't imagine things here happening any differently. Once you become accustomed to the jungle rhythm it will feel as if you are in step with your surroundings. You see things happening at the "right time" as they should.  With that understanding, here is a brief idea of what we have planned for you. 

During any evening you have an option to take a river cruise. Life on the river after dark is much different than during the day. It seems you are drifting through an exotic dream upon a luminous black ribbon winding through trees. You are immersed in jungle sounds and aroma.This is a magical experience you will always remember fondly.  

Overlooking the compound is the observation tower. Sitting or laying high above the earth in a hammock, high above the tree line while sipping on a beverage is another extraordinary pleasure. In the distance you might see a remote flash from the lightning as a storm passes miles away... then the distant rumble. You will certainly hear the jungle at night from here. This is one of our favorite places to relax. You'll often find Kathy or I there reclined in a hammock, swaying in the breeze with a fresh cup of coffee. This has always been one of our favorite experiences while at the lodge.

There is an alternative nighttime experience provided by Shaman Mateo. For those interested to explore ancient rituals, the Ayahuasca ceremony is offered. If you're unsure about this is I suggest you do research via Google. For another good source of information read a book by Jeremy Narby called "The Cosmic Serpent".  

Briefly, Ayahuasca has been used for thousands of years to enter the spirit world to explore and experience extended consciousness. Ayahuasca is a beverage comprised of two or more jungle plants. It is carefully prepared in a traditional way by the Shaman. At a time decided by the Shaman, this dark brown fluid is offered and drank by those participating in the ceremony. Though it isn't a requirement for you to join in, for any seeking expanded awareness it should be considered.  

For some, this will be an experience providing you greater insight than you have ever known. The Ayahuasca Ceremony is offered several nights while we are at the lodge. It is your decision to attend. If you decide to join this experience a release form is required ahead of time. Please let us know ahead of the trip, or while at the lodge, and one will be provided. 

During the day you have two options. One is to rest. If you participated in the ceremony the night before you might want to rest. The other option is to join any offered activity.

While at the lodge you (as a group) are assigned a jungle guide who speaks good English. It is his responsibility to make sure you are happy and are offered walks in the jungle, river excursions, trips to neighboring jungle tribes, and day trips into Iquitos. The day's options are always discussed during breakfast. It is your decision to attend.  

Of course, Kathy and I are a good resource for information and always available to answer your questions. Having lived in the jungle twice for a year each time, and stayed at the lodge frequently the last 18 years, Kathy and I know quite a lot about the life here and this area. Between the two of us and our Shaman, we can help you achieve a greater understanding and experience. 

Depending on local weather conditions, there is a chance of a live broadcast from the lodge on FaceBook LIVE. If possible, we would inform you ahead of time to let your families know. I'm sure they will be fascinated to see the world you have entered!

NOTE: The web address for any LIVE FaceBook broadcast is: 

April 20th  
Last Day in the Amazon

The last day at the lodge is filled with mixed feelings. It's exciting to think of returning how or the next journey, but sad to leave this paradise. Leaving is difficult for Kathy & me knowing the world we are about to re-enter is so vastly different. 

We leave the lodge after breakfast. On the way back we'll probably stop at a primitive zoo built by local tribes. It's a fun and interesting place where you see jungle animals that have all but been pushed out due to the advancing civilization. I also plan to take you by boat to the mighty Amazon river to look for pink dolphins. Of course, just motoring out into the Amazon river is quite a thrill in itself! Like most, you'll be amazed at how huge it is at the headwaters. Believe me, it gets far more amazing as you head further downstream.  It's during this river excursion you might see the pink or charcoal colored dolphins. 

The afternoon is spent wandering local markets around the main plaza of Iquitos, and maybe another stop at Ari Burger. When it's time we board our trusty bus (or "Moto") and return to the airport. Upon arriving in Lima you will stay at the airport awaiting our flight home a few hours later.... 

UNLESS you have elected to continue on with us to Tarapoto and Kuelap! The next flight you take is the beginning of another fantastic adventure!

If you are continuing on with us you are about to enter an extraordinary realm of beauty, mystery, and one amazing place where the ancients lived many thousands of years ago. This will take your breath away.... Yes, this is what adventure is really all about! Kathy and I hope you can join us! 

Otherwise, I hope this helps answer your questions about the trip. Of course, if you have any questions please ask us : ) 

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This itinerary provides a brief description of each day of the journey. Our travel plans might be modified to accommodate changing conditions associated with international or domestic travel. Please note: Trip Insurance is required. Trip price will increase by 10% for fewer than 6 participants. The guided aspect of the trip will be canceled one week before departure if there are fewer than five persons. If this occurs you may still make this journey. Beyond the jungle, you will be included with fellow solo travelers needing a guide (required by Peru) using shared services organized by our land company in Peru.